Types of fishing in Stuart FL

At Catch of the Day Charters our commitment goes beyond the thrill of the catch – we’re here to educate and inform, ensuring every angler embarks on a journey enriched with knowledge and excitement. This is especially the case when it comes to teaching our customers about the different types of fishing we provide on our charter boat. From the time-tested allure of Trolling to the heart-pounding adventures of Kite Fishing, family-friendly Bottom Fishing, and the deep-sea wonders of Deep Dropping, we invite you to delve into these angling possibilities. At Catch of the Day Charters, located in Stuart and Jensen Beach, FL, fishing is not just a pastime; it’s an exploration of South Florida’s vibrant marine world.



Trolling is a time-tested way of putting fish in the cooler. Using a variety of rigged ballyhoo, lures, and teasers we attract fish into our spread leading to some of the most magnificent strikes. Every pack of ballyhoo we use is handpicked and professionally rigged leading to the most life like trolling baits. Trolling is one of the best technics for catching those pelagic fish like sailfish, Mahi Mahi, tuna, and Wahoo.


We really love to kite fish. It can be one of the most action-packed ways to fish. With kingfish shooting out of the water to attack the baits, sailfish using their sail to corral the baits and tuna grey hounding after the baits on the surface. When conditions are right it is an exciting way to spend the day. To kite fish, we need enough wind to fly the kite usually 12 knots of wind or more. We also need have access to live bait which is seasonal. Live bait is usually more available in the spring and summer than it is in the fall and winter months. Using the kite to hold the lines out of the water means just the bait is in the water and the fish can’t see the line or the hooks. This leads to more strikes on the days when fish are leader shy.


Bottom fishing is a great way to put some fish in the cooler and keep the rods bent all day. Young kids love bottom fishing and is the best way to keep the little ones engaged. Fishing from 60 to 180 ft we use cut and live bait to fish for snapper, grouper, and trigger fish. Mutton snapper are some of our favorite targets for bottom fishing. Mutton snapper can be over 20lbs and are some of the best table fare.


In water over 300 feet, we can find a wide variety of great table fare. When conditions are right, we get out the heavy leads and high-speed reels, we also carry electric reels to reach depths of over 600ft for Golden Tiles, one of the captain’s favorites! We like to look at deep dropping like going to get groceries, yellow eye snapper, blackfin snapper, vermillion snapper, scamp grouper, snowy grouper pretty much a collection of the best eating fish the ocean has to offer! While sending bait down will also deploy vertical jigs which can be extremely productive through the water column. Bringing glistening lures up from depth produces some of the most exhilarating bites from tuna to huge AJs there’s always something lurking.