My Favorite Hat

Feb 27, 2021

Today I was a mechanic, HVAC technician, maid, waiter, mate, boat detailer, ice machine repair man, receptionist, accountant, boss, employee, father, husband, and I got to drive a boat.

The many hats of a captain are sometimes hard to wear, and not a single person can wear all those hats at one time.

What makes a fisherman a charter captain? Is it how many fish he catches? How many subscribers he has on his you tube channel? Is it how shiny his boat is? For me none of those things matter so much. The most important thing to me is the safety of my guests but a close second is the memories we can make together. A fishing trip isn’t just about the fish. It’s about the memories that will last a lifetime. A captain should pride himself on being the person that you can barely remember in some of your fondest memories.

“Remember when I caught my first Mahi?”
“Yep! What was the Captains name?”
“I can’t remember but it sure was an amazing day.”

There is something special about joining a family for a day, trying to fit in with people who have known each other for their entire lives and helping them build memories that will last a lifetime.

So, my favorite hat to wear and the one that makes all the long days and smelly clothes worth it is memory maker.

Tight Lines
Captain Josh Grau