Full Day Fishing Charter Experience in Stuart, Fl

Welcome to Catch of the Day Charters, where your fishing dreams come true during our Full Day Charter! Set out on a complete 8-hour nautical adventure starting from the renowned Manatee Marina in Stuart, Florida. Our expedition kicks off promptly at 6:50 A.M., ensuring a memorable day immersed in the beauty of Florida’s captivating coastal waters.

The full day fishing charter is the ultimate way to experience all that Stuart has to offer. With an 8-hour trip there’s plenty of time to hunt for sailfish, mahi, tuna, kingfish, wahoo, or even a barracuda! Pelagic fish are fast moving an can cover miles of water in a single day so if you have a dream of catching Sailfish or Mahi booking a full day gives you the best opportunity! Our goal is dinner and a show, after live bating and trolling, you will get to be in charge of your own rod. Bottom fishing is our way to get dinner and plenty of snapper, triggers, porgy, cobia, and other table fare can be found on our bountiful reefs. We may also do some deep dropping with electric reels if conditions allow for it!


Setting Sail: Long before the sun comes up the catch crew is already at Manatee Marina, hard at work prepping fresh baits and making sure everything is set to embark on our Full Day adventure. Please be on time for your trip, if you get to the boat early come on down and watch how we rig some baits! It’s a short ride to the action from our slip in manatee pocket just 3.5 NM to the inlet ensures you get the most time fishing. Make sure you have a hat and polarized sunglasses with you to see more of the action!

Exploring Offshore Wonders: Venturing up to 20 miles offshore, our expert crew is on a mission to uncover the hidden treasures of the ocean. Watch for temperate changes, current rips, or any floating debris on the surface throughout the day. A floating pallet or big grass patch could substantially change our Catch of the Day!

Thrilling Fishing Pursuits: The excitement kicks off with trolling targeting pelagic superstars such as Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, and Kingfish. Trolling lets us cover the most ground while fishing giving us the greatest chance of finding where the fish are located. The Catch crews fishing habitats empowers us to adapt swiftly; should the mood strike, we seamlessly switch to kite-fishing or live baiting offering you the chance to catch a wide variety of species. We will finish our day bottom fishing for snappers another tasty favorites.

Return to the Dock: Our maritime journey culminates around 2:45 P.M. as we head back to the dock. But fear not – the adventure doesn’t end there. Our dedicated crew takes the reins, ensuring your catch is expertly cleaned and packaged for you to savor later that evening or at one of the famous local restaurants right behind the boat!



Boarding at Manatee Marina: Arrive at the marina, and let the adventure begin as you step aboard our well-equipped charter vessel.

6:50 AM

Departure: Set sail from the marina, cruising through the scenic Indian River Lagoon towards the vastness of the St. Lucie Inlet.

7:00 AM

Offshore Exploration: Reach the prime fishing grounds between six and 10 miles offshore, where the magic of the ocean awaits.

7:20 AM

Fishing Extravaganza: Engage in thrilling trolling activities, targeting pelagic giants like Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, and Kingfish. We may live bait depending on season.

8:00 AM

Changing Tactics: Experience the thrills of vertical jigging or try your luck deep looking for snapper and other table favorites.

11:00 AM

Fun For Everyone: Grab a pole and hang on tight, we're going to do some bottom fishing. Try your luck at hooking a big fish on your own.

1:00 PM

Dock Arrival & Catch Processing: Back at Manatee marina, witness the meticulous cleaning and packaging of your prized catches by our experienced crew.

3:00 PM

Disclaimer: Every day is different on the water, we are constantly evolving and changing our tactics to stay on the bite. There is a possibility to see some changes in itineraries due to weather conditions and current fishing patterns.

Embark on the Catch of the Day Charters Full Day Charter Expedition – Where Every Moment is a Reel Adventure!