Captain & Crew


Captain Trent Shapiro is a Stuart, FL native with over 25 years of experience on the water in South Florida. His childhood groomed him to be a sportsman, fishing with his father Michael any day they could right here out of St. Lucie inlet. Trent tries to continue that tradition with his own family spending as much time as they can together on the water. He hopes his son little Mikey grows up to love the saltwater just as much as his father and grandfather did.
From dead bait trolling, to live baiting, flying the kite, or sending bait down deep for dinner, Captain Trent makes sure to give his clients their best opportunity to get on the fish.

Growing up in The Sailfish Capital of the World makes you quick on your feet and well versed in switching or applying new tactics. From participating in various tournaments to tuna/wahoo trips to the Bahamas or Marlin in Cabo San Lucas. Experience fishing in other parts of the world has taught him many important skills, tricks, and a few good jokes to set Capt. Trent apart from the usual angry ol’ charter Capt.

South Florida is known for its incredible system of natural and artificial reefs. It’s taken years of studying and fishing these waters to learn the migration patterns and feeding habits of our fisheries. Along with the help of some incredible mentors that have made the dream of owning a charter Boat a reality. One of his favorite parts of being a captain is sharing his knowledge of the ocean. “No secrets on The Catch boat we love showing how we rig baits tie knots and run the spread”.

Trent is a United States Coast Guard Certified Master who takes pride in his customers experience while always keeping safety the priority. His goal is to provide an enjoyable experience on the water and put some fish in the box. Whether it’s your first-time fishing or you’re an old salt, he’ll make sure you enjoy a few laughs and maybe put you on the fish of a lifetime!


Captain Josh Grau has dedicated the majority of his life to the sea. His passion for the ocean blossomed during his early years, as he spent quality time fishing with his father and grandfather on the Delaware Bay. What began as a delightful family pastime swiftly transformed into a profound obsession. Josh delved into an extensive study of every fish-related book he could find, mastering various fishing techniques along the way.

As he matured, Josh discovered innate mechanical abilities within himself. These skills paved the way for him to embark on a career on the open ocean, spending 11 years traversing the globe on seismic survey ships. His journey took him to 27 countries across 6 continents. Eventually, he decided to bring his wealth of fishing and oceanic knowledge back home to Stuart, FL.

In 2018, Captain Josh established Catch of the Day Charters Inc, initially focusing on commercial swordfishing before expanding into a charter business. Equipped with a 100-ton USCG license, an unlimited mates license, and an unlimited oilers license, Captain Josh Grau continues to share his expertise and love for the ocean with the Stuart community.